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2017 Trap Shoot Camping Reservation Guidelines

Check In: ALL CAMPERS MUST CHECK IN AT THE CAMPGROUND OFFICE. If you have confirmed your site number you may set your camper and then stop by the office. Be sure you are on the correct site using the correct pedestal/hook ups or you will be required to move.

Site Assignments: 1st Priority will be given to returning 3 Shoot Seasonal Package Reservations made by 12-15-16 with 2nd Priority given to the new 3 Shoot Seasonal Package Reservations. The next assigned will be those reserving 2 shoots followed by 1 shoot. Final assignments will process approximately 1 month prior to arrival date and you will receive an email or phone call confirmation at that time. Those doing a 3 Shoot Seasonal Package MUST camp on their site during at least one shoot.

Cancellations: To receive credit or refund, cancellations must be 10 days prior to arrival date. There is a $25.00 cancellation fee. NO REFUNDS for 3 Shoot Packages but with proper cancellation if your site is used some monies may be applied to future Shoot Camping.

Sub-Leasing or Loaning of Sites: Any sub-leasing or loaning of a site must be submitted to the campground office prior to date of arrival for approval. No camper is allowed to profit by sub-leasing a site. You can check with the campground office as to the amount you are allowed to recoup. Please submit in writing or via email the name and contact phone number of the person that will be camping on the site, the size of the camper and the amount of any monies collected.

Number of Campers on a Site: Reservations are for one (1) camper per site. Additional campers on a site must be registered and approved by campground management.

Site Upgrades: There is an existing waiting list for site upgrades. To request an upgrade you will need to include that request each year on your reservation form. First priority will be given to 3 Shoot Campers with the number of years you have been a 3 Shoot Camper taken into consideration. Once you have been given an upgrade there will be a minimum of a 2 year period before you are considered for another upgrade.

Golf Cars or Side-by-Sides: NEW for 2017 – You will be required to register your Golf Car or Side-by-Side at the camp office upon arrival. Yearly registration fee will be $20.00. A registration tag will be issued and must be visible while using the golf car or side-by-side. Replacement tags are an additional 5.00. Proof of insurance must be provided at time of registration. 

The forms for our 2017 season can be found by clicking on the following links

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